wood boring beetles prevention



Woodworm is a general expression used to describe a wide selection of wood boring beetles. Beetles lay their eggs on or in cracks in timbers and it is their larvae which feed on the wood. They sometimes tunnel for years before they emerge through the characteristic flight holes to start the cycle again. Structural damage can be severe if left untreated. The application by spray of an insecticide to the timber leaves a protective insecticidal zone on the surface of the timber which destroys all stages of woodworm life. It protects against fresh attacks from the outside and kills any emerging beetle.

Woodworm Treatment - from an historical local landmark to a complete housing estate.


Shipley Windill - Home of the mythical television detective 'Jonathan Creek' was chemically treated by Archers for wood boring beetle and fungal decay. fungal decay

Complete chemical timber treatment, damp proofing and brick surface silicone water proof treatment to complete housing estate for local authority.


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